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Sticker Operation Center @37c3 \o/

We can’t believe it’s 2023 already and we’ve only done this once: We’re back to taking care of the sticker distribution at Congress!

It’s been a while but we will basically stick with our initial plan from 4 years ago, hence the short post—not much news to share here:

  • We are currently planning sticker boxes (exchange points) spread accross CCH - if you have already messaged us about this, we’ll get back to you very soon!
  • Does your assembly want to have a box? Let us know by December 24th, 1pm Hamburg time, either by email or private message on - very few spots left!
  • We will announce where the sticker exchange points shortly before Congress starts
  • You will be able to either drop stickers directly in the boxes, or bring them to Chaos Post to get them delivered to the exchange points

In the meantime we’re looking forward to seeing pictures of your designs on—@ us and we’ll boost! If you’re still working on your designs (and if you have a way to print in a very short time!), have a look at our guide:

See you soon, we can’t wait!

And a short FAQ:

I am not attending Congress, can you mail me stickers like you used to do?

No, sorry—we did that only as long as there was no in-person event. We understand not everyone can attend and would love to help, but unfortunately we don’t have capacities to deal with that on top of our usual in-person-event stuff. The remote exchanges were a lot of work, to the point where it was more stressful than it was fun for us, and we’re quite relieved we’re back to our initial mode.

I want my assembly to have a sticker box, what should I do?

That’s great! You should let us know ASAP and by December 24th 1pm, latest, either by email or in a private message on We’ll get back to you as soon as we have decided where the boxes will be. If we have more candidates than we can handle, we’ll pick the assemblies according to location so the boxes are spread evenly through the CCH.

If we approve your sticker box, you’ll have to find a box (more information below). We’ll come by on day 0 or early day 1 and give you a sign that will help people to find your box. That’s basically it :)

Of course, if we don’t approve your box, that doesn’t mean your assembly shouldn’t have a sticker exchange! The more the better :) It just means we won’t distribute stickers to it as we can’t handle too many boxes, but we’re sure people will find it and fill it.

What’s a good sticker box?

Let’s stay pragmatic: any box can be a sticker box, you probably brought some stuff in a box for your assembly and you can totally use that box. If you have choice, take one that’s

  • made of plastic (so stickers don’t get lost between the flaps)
  • wide (to make digging easier)
  • not too deep (same).

Fancy backlit boxes sound like a good idea, but they’re not: you can’t see the stickers properly if the light is behind them. A source of light that comes from above or from the side is much better.

I want to print stickers, can you help me?

Yes, we can! We actually wrote a guide to help people who want to make stickers, you can find it here:

If you have read it and have any additional questions, or if you would like feedback on your design, drop us an email! But you should be aware that at the time we publish this post, it’s very hard to get stickers to be delivered in time for Congress ;)